This tour takes in the captivating experience of sunset in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Walk through the unique bushland on North Head as the sun sets through the trees casting a water-wash of colours across Manly Beach, Sydney Harbour and North Head.

We take time to stop at several lookouts to take in the view, drink Native Guradji tea amongst the serenity while being given a snap shot of the area’s Natural, European and Aboriginal cultural History by your tour guide.

Once the sun sets and after the fluster of day life and the birds prepare for a long night, we prepare for North Head’s nocturnal animals to wake from their daytime hideaways. We continue our walk up North head looking for marsupials such as ringtail possums and bandicoots. Echidnas, owls and night jars frequent the trail and are often unaware of our presence.

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