Using NIGHT VISION GOGGLES, the more adventurous explorer who wants the full nocturnal experience and thrill of seeing the night come alive will enjoy The Night Wonders Tour in Manly. Designed to meet the desires of those who wish to observe North Head’s nocturnal animals such as ringtail and brushtail possums, bandicoots, Echidnas, owls and night jars in their own environment without being disturbed by artificial lights.

Starting at Shelly Beach in Manly, you will be equipped with your own personal set of Night Vision Goggles so as to maximise your nocturnal experience and create as minimal disturbance to the wildlife as possible. Using Night Vision Goggles allows you to get up close and personal with the animals. Your guide will take you up the winding path and track through rare Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub stopping at several lookouts that scan up the coast and across Manly.

Along the way your guide will point out unique wildlife  as your eyes adapt to the nocturnal lifestyle of the animals that come alive at night. All while you marvel at the beauty of the bush under starlight.

At certain points of interest you will be told stories of the area’s Natural, European and Aboriginal cultural history first hand.  Your guide will take you to a special place where you can sample home made roasted wattle seed scones with bush jams. While you sip on locally sourced Guradji tea, learn about the area’s cultural significance to the traditional Kay-Ye-My Aboriginal people who occupied the area now known as Manly. Discover the true indigenous origins of surfing and why Manly was first called Eve’s Cove.

If you like to be in touch with nature and see the night through the local inhabitants’ eyes, then this is the tour for you.

Minimum participation age for this tour is 12 years.


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